The Funeral Dancer

Short sci-fi drama written & directed by Natalie MacMahon

“The Funeral Dancer” tells the story of “Jazz”, who works as a funeral entertainer which has become one of the best paid jobs in a world, where funerals are a status symbol and at the same time an obligation to entertain relatives, friends and work colleagues alike. Expectations are high, morals are low. While Jazz tries to entertain the mourners, she is forced to face severe problems of her own.

The film is available with English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese subtitles. (original language of the film: German)

(press kits are also available in different languages)

"The Funeral Dancer is an acerbic statement about our soulless smartphone culture. Multiple award winning director Natalie MacMahon knows what science fiction does best: it projects society forwards in time, so we can look back to view ourselves more clearly." (by "Short Film Reviews")

"The Funeral Dancer" is a thought-provoking film about mediatized cultures in which everything is a social media event that needs to be shared virtually to gain social capital. By depicting a high-concept futuristic scenario with colorful tones and manipulated reality, the director comments the undercurrents of all-encompassing contemporary social media consumption with wit and style. (by Largo Film Awards)